Best Cheap Tablet Under 500 Dollars

best tablet under 500

In fact, I have just finished a passage which is about the best value tablet under 500 dollars. When you want to spend more than 400 dollars to buy a tablet, it’s not a small budget. So it must be considered carefully what tablet you should buy. Choosing the best tablet is similar to those ones under 400 dollars. You’d better look at the cost performance, the quality, the CPU, the battery life and so on. If you are still wondering what tablet under 500 dollars to choose, you can read our passage carefully and then you’ll get a general idea. However, all the information comes from the Amazon. In order to show the best cheap tablets for you, I have checked the list of best-sellers and also those reviews of users.It is all about $500 Dollars budget, which might offer you more powerful tablet experience,  Now, The following in-depth report stand behind you to help to  find the Best Cheap Tablet Under 500 Dollars right for you.

Apple iPad Air

Nowadays, when you are strolling on the street, you will find that almost everyone has a product of Apple. Apple means good quality and perfect performance for many people. That’s why I recommend this product to you first.

iPad Pro 9.7-inch (128GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray) 2016 Model

Firstly, it’s equipped with the CPU of Apple A9X chip  which makes the tab runs perfectly. If you want to download some big apps, this CPU can also run smoothly. Secondly, 16 GB Flash Memory means that you can install many documents and information in it. What’s more, the 9.7 inches Display presents better images and there is doubt that you can enjoy the best quality of images because of the Apple iOS 7; 9.7 Retina display. Are you worried about the battery life? You don’t need to worry about it. The 10-hour battery life will surprise you.

Pros And Cons

This product is full of advantages. It’s of high quality which means that it’s not easy to break down. The most important is that it runs smoothly and fast. And it’s quite light and thin which makes it easy to carry with. However, we didn’t find the defects.

What Current Owners Said

After checking the reviews of users, I have found that thousands of people have bought it and they think highly of its fast performance and the easy operation. But if you want buy it on Amazon, you’d better check out if the product is a new one or a repacked one. However, there is no doubt that iPad is the popular product among both experts and beginners.

Samsung Galaxy 10.5-Inch Tablet

Although Samsung is not as famous as the Apple, we can’t deny that it’s an international brand on the market of electronic products. This tab does well among those tablets under 500 dollars. Its good performance and high scores make me recommend it to you.Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-Inch Tablet (16 GB, Titanium Bronze)

First of all, the Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS is similar to the operating system of the mobile phones. What’s more, with the Exynos 5 Octa 5420 Processor, this tab runs fast and performs well. Secondly, 16 GB Flash Memory is the same as the former. As for the camera, a8MP Rear with LED Flash as well as the 2.1MP Front camera ensures that you can take photos wherever you want. Thirdly, the screen shows good images with Super AMOLED Display.

You May Like Its Highlights

It also has lots of highlights. The effect of images is quite perfect with excellent color and incredible contrast. What’s more, it much better built than other products of Samsung. However, it also has some disadvantages. After using it for a while, it becomes slow. Every coin has two sides. But if you want to buy it on Amazon, it only cost you under 500 dollars.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Under 500 Dollars

This product is also from a big company. Just like the formers, this product is famous for the high quality and good performance. This product sells less than the formers, but it does really a good job. You can take a close look at it.Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (128 GB, 4 GB RAM, Intel Core i5)

Features At A Glance

First of all, the Intel i5 processor makes the tab run fast. You won’t worry about the speed. Secondly, the 10.6 inch ClearType HD Display as well as the Intel Iris and HD graphics makes the quality of images excellent. If you are familiar with the Windows 8 Pro, you will get used to the tab soon. Thirdly, this tab is equipped with two cameras too. Two 720p HD cameras will satisfy your demands of taking photos. Last but not least, the 128 GB Internal Memory must be enough for daily use.

Cons And Pros

Do you want to know about some of its advantages? It’s convenient to take a photo and the images show great. What’s more, the weight is light. But sometimes, it gets hot.

If you want to get it, Amazon is a good choice. It cost you only 460 dollars and the delivery is fast and safe.


The top three Best tablets under 500 dollars listed above tell a lot. They are good featured,affordable, highly reviewed, After listing so many excellent products for you, I also have a decision that which star item is the best affordable product right for you. If you want a good product with high cost performance and good quality, I think Ipad win a lot . Users think highly of its speed and easy operation. So it won’t be wrong to follow the advice of most of the costumers.

Best Movie Streaming Sites in 2020

best movie streaming sites 2020

Here are best online free movie streaming websites 2020 list . Believe it or not, Hollywood movies can be online streamed. Did you missed any latest movie release ? Or your schedule doesn’t matches up the show timings ? In any case , there is no need to worry . Here are some Movie Streaming Sites. Now you can rest back at your place and watch movies online and they are also free of cost. What can be better than that ! In fact, watching movies online is the best and most free way to enjoy any movie because it’s instant, you can watch any movie on your HD flat screen , laying down on bed.

You can use Laptop or connect it to your HD TV .You can watch movie online , having a cup of tea at local tea shop even. So check the following Streaming Sites and have fun.

Now a days, most the movie are just one time watch movies . So , there is no point downloading them for future use. Or downloading movie is also a bad idea for those who can’t wait for a movie to download. So if you have a good internet connection , i suggest you to better watch movie online than waiting for it to download.

Using these websites you can easily stream movies online and that too free of cost. It is not at all easy to find a good online streaming website , as most of the website are vulnerable. Some of them contain harmful malware, while other place have too many ads on the website . Some movie streaming sites are scams and are only intended to inject malware or adware in your computers and which is obviously not recommended at all.



Putlockers is an awesome webpage to watch free motion pictures on the web. The site has great number of motion pictures and they frequently overhaul their database for new ones. This site does not host any movies or videos on their servers, they give gushing connection from different non partnered sources. You can watch films straightforwardly without enlistment or information exchange. The site is completely responsive so you can watch your most loved motion pictures on your versatile tablets or whatever other compact gadget you have. The one best thing of this site is they have great separating framework which finds your most loved movies effortlessly.



Hulu is a generally mainstream and one of the best free film sites and practically everybody knows about this website. Hulu is one of the best places to stream movies and TV show online for nothing. Here you’ll discover thousand of motion pictures to watch online. The movies are mostly from the United States.



If you really want to find any movie ever create, you have to check out 123Movies. There is a huge library and they add movies every day. If the movie was released this week, you can probably watch it on 123movies.go. The down side is that you have to click through some ads, but after that you can pretty much watch the full length movie without any additional ads. Sometimes there is no HD version available, but you can watch the CAMRIP of the movie or a lower resolution version, if that doesn’t bother you, this is the Best movie streaming site of 2020.



Crackle is another streaming site where you can watch free films online without downloading. This site has numerous full length motion pictures. To watch your most loved movies on Crackle you don’t have to sign in or enlist however in the event that you join with your email them you’ll get informed by email every time when they transfer a new movie  so you can make your own particular watchlist. You can search for what category you wans, for example, Sci-Fi, Sports, Horror, Adventure, Action and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. So simply pick your most loved motion picture and hit on play. On Crackle you can also watch TV-Shows.


HP SPECTER X360 Review

Concentration enhances the competitiveness of its premium premium PCs on the market, Hewlett-Packard is said to have recently updated the Spectre x360 13 model beside the 13th Spectre model. Thanks to a significant redesign, this latest 2-in-1 HP Spectre x360 13 convertible represents more refinement of previous designs.

From the whole chassis side, the dimension remains close to the same as the previous model. Bezels display thickness 13.6 mm or thinner than the thickness of the previous model that reached 13.8 mm, while the weight is now only 1.26 kg (lighter than 1.29 kg on the weight of the previous model). The design aesthetics have also changed slightly, with sharper profiles, but the same color scheme is Natural Silver or Dark Ash Silver with Copper Luxe accents.

In terms of performance, the latest Specter x360 is undoubtedly considering it has been relying on the power of Intel Core i5 / i7 processor eighth generation, which collaborated with 16GB of RAM and SSE PCIe 1TB options are still the same. HP incorporates the same IR sensor technology and enhanced cooling system as used in the latest Spectre 13 model to keep the heat temperature under control and also minimize fan noise. In addition to having battery life up to 16.75 hours for Full HD display, this latest 2-in-1 convertible is reportedly also supported by fast charging technology that can charge super fast battery from zero (50%) only in time 30 minutes only.

In terms of performance, the latest Specter x360 is undoubtedly considering it has been relying on the power of Intel Core i5 / i7 processor eighth generation, which collaborated with 16GB of RAM and SSE PCIe 1TB options are still the same. HP incorporates the same IR sensor technology and enhanced cooling system as used in the latest Spectre 13 model to keep the heat temperature under control and also minimize fan noise. In addition to having battery life up to 16.75 hours for Full HD display, this latest 2-in-1 convertible is reportedly also supported by fast charging technology that can charge super fast battery from zero (50%) only in time 30 minutes only.


The display options remain the same, with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080, 166 PPI) and 4K UHD (3840 x 2160, 332 PPI) for 13.3-inch panels. There is also a full HD option of the latest SureView privacy screen adapted from the previous EliteBook x360 G2 business class laptop model. Not only on the side of the main components that get attention, HP also seems to focus on enhancing the capabilities of supporting features including active pen aimed at Specter x360 13. Offer the same slant support as what Microsoft Surface Pro has, the active pen can be used for write and pointers, can now also be used as an eraser at the end.

Even with the support of gyro-mouse functionality, pens can be used as laser pointers that are very useful for presentation purposes. Meanwhile, in order to provide durability and comfort of the user’s operation, the active pen is now also rechargeable, by removing the cover to display the Type-C USB charging connector.

Not to be missed with the greatness of its security access, the HP Specter x360 13 is now still powered by the same Windows Hello-based infrared camera as found on previous models plus the latest fingerprint scanner support on the right side of the device that offers another way to securely sign in to the system. The overall connectivity can now be handled by the presence of two Type-C USB ports with Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1 Type A port, and 3.5 mm audio jack. While the presence of SD card readers who had disappeared from the previous model, making the solution telling that saving is now more complete.


As with the latest HP Specter 13, the new 2 x 1-inch x360 2-in-1 HP Spectre convertible will also be available on October 29th to come. For configuration options Intel Core i5 processor support, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and Full HD display panel, offered for $ 1,149.99, while for configuration options Core i7 processor support, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and 4K UHD display panel is offered with price up to $ 1,599.99.…

5 iPhone Security Tips to Prevent Security Issues

You take care of your computer’s security problems sincerely. But do you care about your smartphone in the same manner? Maybe not. You care not too much. You should take care of your device in the same way because you might lose some of your valuable data without even noticing.  That’s why you should make your iPhone safe from any threat. How are you going to keep your device safe? Today I am going to explain you the top 5 iPhone security tips to prevent your iPhone security problems. Without any further ado let’s begin. Are you ready?

Apple included various methods To give the users iphone security tips so that no one can snatch any information from your device. But most of these traits not automatically enabled, hence sometimes you have to turn off a feature to make sure your data is protected. We have already prepared a guide for Top 10 Best Mac Apps 2017 Guide . Today we’ve compiled a list of security practices to guard your iPhone against any data leak.

1. Add Password Protection

One of the simplest but impressive features of iPhone is the password protection. So if you mistakenly left your Smartphone at home or somewhere else, then it will make sure your device doesn’t get accessed by anyone. Adding a four digit pin code gives your device a good security, but you can add a long password with number and symbols to make the protection even tighter.

To append a password, go to “Settings” then find “Passcode”. Hence, you can also enable a setting called “erase data”. It will wipe your device’s complete data when someone tries to access your phone multiple times. So before allowing this trait remembers one thing, in future if someone tries to access your iPhone several times then you will lose all your data.

2. Don’t Jailbreak Your iPhone

After using the device for a while, many people choose to jailbreak their iPhone in order to expand more features. However, jail breaking your device isn’t a wise decision from a security point of view. We have even prepared a Best Cydia Tweaks Guide in case you need it . If some of you are thinking to perform this iphone security tips then remember after jailbreaking you will get root access, but it will open the bridge for every malicious attack and breaks all the guard created by Apple. Then any apps can access your phone and can even control the system without your permission which is a major problem.

You should know that there are some threats designed solely to harm jailbroken iPhones. Possibly your device could be targeted by them. Besides, when you download a malicious app, you will see no warning or protection messages from Apple. As a result, it will damage every file that you have on your device.

3. Set up Find My iPhone

Apple has its phone tracking app knows as “Find My iPhone” which works amazingly. Make sure you configured this app because if somehow you lost your iPhone then with the help of this iphone security tips app you will able to track down your phone with doing any complicated things. So, if your iPhone sprinting on iOS 5 or above, in that case, you can easily download and install this “Find My iPhone” app from App store.

In the login screen, you have to provide your Apple ID to access the app. And ensure you enabled the app always, so in future if your device gets stolen or you mistakenly left it in an unfamiliar place then within few touches you will up to recover it. And one more thing, Find My iPhone utilises GPS to chase the location, so you have to give the necessary access for the tracking process.

4. Turn off Auto-fill option

People admit that the auto fill feature is perfect for them as they don’t have to write login details every time they visit favourite websites.For this iphone security tips All you need to do is just tap two times to way into your preferred site. But you should know that it amplifies a massive danger because anyone can use your device to look up your personal information in your absence.

So, I recommend you to manually enter the login details each time you visit your favourite websites. I know for some people it will be time-consuming, but if you don’t want to face any security problems ever, then you should spend one or two minutes to guard your account against any attack.

5. Turn off iCloud Auto Sync

This will be a hard choice for some peoples. Though, it will be helpful if you turn off iCloud auto sync so that no private data gets synced. People believe that if they delete any from their phone, then it will remove from the iCloud but it utterly wrong. Once the file synced to the iCloud, it stays then forever. As a result, it will raise the risk of getting it taken.

So, the best option is to sync the data manually so that you can be aware of the data that you’re syncing with iCloud. To disable the auto-sync, first, go to “setting” after that search for “iCloud” then turn it off. You can easily turn this trait on again any time you want.

This was all from iphone security tips , hope you may have liked the post . However there are other measures, you can take such as installing antivirus. Here we have listed some Best Antivirus For Mac . Almost same goes for IOS also . Keep following , Keep Sharing .


Let’s Review: HuniePop

HuniePop is a Dating Sim/Puzzle Game that has gained some attention over using anime-style characters without the anime-style personalities. I have a very limited idea of what I’m getting into, so let’s start.

As first impressions go. The game begins at a bar with me in the shoes of the most beta man on the planet when a woman begins talking to me for seemingly no reason. She then goes off talking about how I’ll see her again later. I presumably finish getting drunk and go home, where she wakes me up in the middle of the night wearing naught but a revealing top and panties. I’ll be completely honest with you here, even the real-life Haze would be wondering what the fuck is going on at this point. So she tells you that you’re basically a loser and that she is going to turn me into a man that can get any lady I want, so basically I’m playing a stay-at-home awkward virgin. Finally, a character I can really relate to! Fortunately for me, my love fairy companion is going to assist me in slapping the booty at high speeds. One of the ways in which she will do this is by giving me the HunieBee which will show me where all of the cute women are. It also lets me use Munie, a magical fairy currency  to buy food and gifts. If I could MAKE money from dating I’d probably do that for a living. You also get Hunie which is used to level up your stats, making your puzzle solves more potent. Did I mention I have a really nice bedroom?

HuniePop’s bizarre genre combination  actually works out for it.  Most dating sims are laid out as a visual novel, to the point where most people think the two genres are set in stone. The problem with visual novels is that they’re basically 100% story-driven; once you go through all the possible outcomes  there is virtually no replay value. While it’s still too early to talk about just how replayable HuniePop is, it appears that it will have far more than your typical dating sim. More importantly however, the puzzle sections  of the game give you some welcome contrast to the rest of the title. They start off pretty easy, where you can clear them without much trouble in half the moves you’re given, but they do get harder.


Start as female huh? I’ll have to try it later. For… research.

It gets a little ridiculous after you’ve gotten your relationship level high enough. Your relationship level is both your progress meter and your difficulty; it increases with each new date you successfully complete (capping at 5 for each girl). Higher difficulties mean you have to get higher points to successfully complete a puzzle. Honestly when you’ve reached level 5 with all the girls it’s quite a struggle to finish even on normal. However it’s all worth it because after date 3 you receive a naughty picture and after date 4 you get to play a riveting game of “hide the salami”.


She was just as transparent when the salami was hidden in her butt.

I’ve talked about how to get “into” the characters, without really getting “into” their personalities. Most dating sims have girls that fall into already pre-defined characteristics for that genre (rich posh girl, shy shrinking violet, athletic sports girl…etc).  Unlike traditional dating sims, HuniePop’s characters aren’t so easy to define as “X trope”, since all of them have somewhat flawed personalities that are more relatable to real-life girls you personally might know yourself. That’s where you come in. That one hot girl that was always a bitch to people? You can fuck her. That one sexy teacher? You can fuck her. That one hot cheerleader you knew? You can fuck her. AND her mother! At the same time! Kind of. Like… not a threesome, but you can fuck one behind the others back. Apparently you can get cheated on in this game; it’s never happened to me. But even if it does I can’t be too mad as I’m sleeping with everyone. The game also has some secret characters, but good luck finding them. I mean that; you’ll need it.


The art of the characters is above average, much more than I expected from an independently published title.

Not only are the character profile well drawn, but the lewd scenes showcasing the aftermath of an exciting night of running the dude-piston in her meat-purse made my own whoopie-stick happy. The characters themselves aren’t animated, aside from their eyebrows and mouths, yet I think this is enough to convey the personalities of the girls along side their dialogue. The dialogue is witty and incredibly believable; the majority of what the characters say could be lifted directly from a conversation you’d overhear in your general day to day. While the character interactions with your character are like this, when some of the characters interact with one another they’re rather bizarre and unintentionally funny. While most of the dating sims I’ve played in the past have never had voice acting, this game is fully voiced to the point where you’ll never need to read a single thing the girls say. The voice acting makes the characters believable, matching up with the personalities outlined through their backstories. It’s certainly a good inclusion, and the game wouldn’t be as good without it, especially because the sex noises the characters make while playing and completing puzzles are amazing.…

DLC: What is it? What does it mean to me?

Most of us have at least heard the term DLC. It’s an acronym that stands for “downloadable content” and refers to additional content to a game that is downloaded from the internet.

DLC comes in a few types; we have:

  • Day-one DLC: DLC released with the game
  • Free DLC: DLC that is released with no charge
  • On-Disc DLC: Content already on the game but you need to purchase a key to unlock it
  • Bugfixing: DLC intended to fix bugs in the game
  • Exclusive Content: Content that can only be unlocked by buying a game at specific stores like Gamestop.
  • Microtransactions: Content added to the game to give the player an advantage, be it cosmetic or otherwise, if they’re willing to pay the price

On-Disc and Day-One DLCs

On-disc DLC and day-one DLC are comprised of content that would have normally come as part of the game, but where along the way it was pulled from the game and sold alongside it. This is the big ugly of DLC, and it is largely assumed that publishers will ask developers to take content out of their games specifically so that they can squeeze more money out of the public. In fact, they might even leave out content entirely for various reasons; maybe they don’t like it and know they can rework it later and add it in as DLC for extra money.

Free DLCs

Free DLC is exactly what it sounds like, DLC that is given to the consumer for free should they want it. While it’s usually small, it’s always good to see a developer put in extra work for no extra benefit to them just to give their consumers more content to play with.

Bugfixing DLCs

Bugfixing in DLCs are both positive and negative. Once upon a time, if you shipped a product, that’s what was sent out. Now that everyone is connected to the internet, even consoles, if you ship something out you can change the product at a moments notice. This means that any horrible bugs that you’d normally just have to live with can be fixed with a patch. The downside to this? It makes developers less likely to check for bugs before sending a product out because they know they can just change it later.

Exclusive Content DLCs

Exclusive content was created as a way for stores to bribe publishers to lock out part of their game to anyone who doesn’t buy the game at the store in question. The only people this ever benefits are the store and the publisher. It’s completely anti-consumer but unless you want to boycott every single store that does this there’s no way to convince publishers to stop doing it. Assassins Creed 4 was a recent example of this, having missions that could only be unlocked by buying the game at specific retailers.


The most offensive DLC of them all are microtransactions.

Let’s say you’re playing an adventure game and the main character has a sword that does 2 damage.  That’s nice and all but for some people that 2 damage isn’t enough for you, you mighty warrior. What do you do then? You send 50 cents over to whoever made the game and now you have a new sword that does 4 damage.  You can kill things twice as fast and not have as much of a problem!

The problem with microtransactions is that less-successful players can still succeed if they’re willing to pay extra money. This has led to something called “freemium” games that are designed to allow you to only get so much of an in-game material a day but you can buy as much as you want with real money. These games are generally designed to be addicting so that you want to keep playing, but you need to buy those materials if you want to continue. The end result is that they can suck up more money than a $60 AAA game.

Of course, these aren’t the only games with microtransactions in them, even AAA games have them, like Oblivion’s infamous “horse armor”.  Now, that “horse armor” pack wouldn’t even be looked at twice since microtransactions have become that prevalent in modern gaming.

The grand-pooh-ba of DLC's - SIMS

The grand-pooh-ba of DLC’s – SIMS

Expansion Pack DLCs

Not all DLC’s are bad, many DLC’s are used to add additional missions, levels, maps, characters, or so on into a game. Sometimes it’s small like the extra missions for Assassins Creed 4, sometimes it’s large like the Luigi U DLC for New Super Mario Bros U.

When a game ends up with a large DLC, sometimes it is labeled as an expansion pack.  Back in the day, Diablo 2 released an expansion pack called Diablo 2: Lords of Destruction. This unlocked a whole new act, 2 characters, and a new tier of equipment.  In fact, if Diablo 2 was released in the modern day, Lords of Destruction would have been DLC.

It is worth noting that some DLC’s on their own can be big enough to be a new game and might end up saving you money.  For instance, kids back in the early 90s would have liked each new Street Fighter 2 to be DLC instead of a brand-new game.

So I hope those reading have a better idea of how DLC can be both bad and good for the consumer.  Remember, you’re the consumer and what you have to say matters, even if other people tell you it doesn’t.